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"Best Mould Product...Period

Been using this in our house with two family members that are very sensitive to both mould and toxins. This product covers both bases and has been a god send."

Brad D.

"Amazing Product.

This stuff is amazing, got rid of the musty smell in our small project studio and left the room smelling fresh and pleasant to work in! Will defnitely be back for more."

Chris C.

"Great solution! really like that I am not just bleaching mold but getting rid of it Plus the smell is much more tolerable and safer than breathing in fumes from the other chemical products"

Karren B.

"I have ordered the Surface Mould Remover from San Air a few times now and every time, it makes cleaning up the mould easier and faster. With this great smelling product, wiping down surfaces is easier and the results are great as well - the whole place is mould free and stays that way for a long time. "

Pamela C.

"I was away for two months. Prior to my departure, I spread a few of this little pots around and when coming home there was no musty smell. Great!"

Rosemarie L.

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SAN-AIR has been in the business of mould prevention for over 8 years now.

We have seen homes covered in mould that should not have had people living in them, and we have witnessed and helped large office space affected by mould and musty air.

We have case studies and testimonials showing how effective SAN-AIR is at improving work place productivity by keeping the air clean(fewer people away sick). 

SAN-AIR helps keep your air-conditioning systems clean. Saving you thousands of dollars on maintenance costs.

Here at SAN-AIR we specialize in saving your environment from mould.

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