No More Smelly Cars

Nobody wants to be that guy/girl with the smelly car that nobody wants to enter. You don’t want to be embarrassed because your passengers have to stick their head out of the car the whole trip. To fix this is simple, just use the SAN-AIR for cars product.

SAN-AIR works by killing the mould and bacteria in the air of your car. You start to get these bad smells when you have a excess of mould and bacteria in your car. SAN-AIR is made with 100% natural, organic Australian components. This means that is safe for you and your family. There is no need to worry about harmful chemicals. You are still able to drive you car while it is taking effect.

SAN-AIR Car Sanitizer is very simple to use. All you have to do is place the product in/on the air vent of your car. Next, for 1 week while you are driving around, keep the windows shut and turn the air-conditioning to closed loop. After the week you should notice that the smell is gone. After the 1st week feel free to have windows open and air-conditioning however you like. Remember that the ceramic stick will only last 2 weeks.

What does SAN-AIR fix?:

  1. Smoke smells in your car
  2. Kills mould and bacteria in your cars inside air space
  3. Musty and bad smells coming from the air-conditioning. 
  4. Mould in your air-conditioning

SAN-AIR is the safest and most efficient way to deal with your mould and bacteria problems. SAN-AIR is not just limited to your vehicle. It will work in your home, office, on you clothes and shoes. SAN-AIR is suitable for any indoor air environment.

Experience the SAN-AIR difference.

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