Hate Having Smelly Shoes?

Do you have a family member or a friend that can make a room uninhabitable when they take off their shoes?

Yeah I thought so, everyone does. So, how can you solve this?

  • Dip the shoes in oranges?
  • Throw a lemon inside?
  • Leave the shoes to aerate?

No, none of those options will actually fix the smell coming from those shoes. 

First, why is that shoe smelling?

As a person engages in the days activities their feat sweat and bacteria builds up inside the shoe. It is this bacteria that grows and creates the terrible stench. When the bacteria reaches a critical mass then you are really going to start smelling the results. On top of the bacteria, small amounts of mould can start to grow, moist damp conditions are the perfect environment for mould growth. If mould starts to grow that’s when the smell will really kick into overdrive, everybody is going to smell it, and people will start to leave the room. 

But don’t fear there is a solution:

Here at SAN-AIR we specialise in the removal of mould and bacteria. We have built many products that deal with the removal and prevention of mould and bacteria. Place SAN-AIR in your shoes  overnight. In the morning your shoes should smell noticeably cleaner.  

SAN-AIR ensures that when you take your shoes off or need to wear a pair of shoes they are fresh and ready to go. 

So you can go from this:

To this:

SAN-AIR is made with 100% natural, organic Australian materials. This means that it is safe to breath and use. It will not cause any damage to your shoes. There are no harmful or toxic chemicals used. 
Help yourself or help a friend with their smelly shoe’s.Enjoy the SAN-AIR difference today

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