The Real Cost Of Mould

It will cost you about $500 – $6000 to fix a small mould issue in your home, and significantly more for large problems. Prevention is a lot cheaper than the cure and for just $14.95 you can use SAN-AIR to prevent mould from growing in your home. Visit to find out more…or read the rest of the post.

What is the true cost of mould in your home and yes I’m talking $$$’s here. We could go through the usual rounds of; mould is bad for your health or it will make you and your family very sick… but you know what makes you or your family feel even worse? Knowing they just spent several thousand plus dollars to fix a problem they could have avoided for less than a 1/10th of the cost.

Mould will inevitably get into your home because it is everywhere in your environment. All it takes is an accidental water spill, a pipe coming loose, or somebody in the family (not naming names) leaving some food around the home. These things are not what brings mould into your home but rather they are what feed it.

It doesn’t take much for mould to start growing in your home. Give mould an appropriate environment and it will GROW.


Stage 1:

You have just got mould growing in your home, it’s not a lot and if you dry and clean thoroughly you will most likely stop the problem right then and there. However, most of the time when a problem in your home occurs you won’t notice it. This is because mould is an invisible problem. What you will notice are:

  • The musty smells,
  • The coughing,
  • The bad breathing,
  • Constantly being sick.

Your health is starting to be affected.

Now if you are starting to get these symptoms you are probably investing in some cough medicine or some sort of air freshener.  Slowly your bills are increasing and you have probably spent around $50 – $100 trying to fix yourself up.

If you leave your mould problem for much longer you are going to enter…

Stage 2:

This is where you are visibly seeing mould growing on your walls. It will range from colours White – green – black (in no particular order the colours of mould tell you what kind of mould it is and, almost all moulds are horrible for humans.)

You will most likely hate living in your home if you have a problem this bad. So how much will it cost you to remove this problem?  Simply, remediation costs can range from  $500 – $6000 to clean mould in your home and in bad cases can be significantly more.

You’re probably thinking what no… that can’t be right I’ll just use some bleach and vinegar to stop that. Well besides the fact that bleach and vinegar are very inefficient at removing mould, by this time you are already in deep trouble. The mould would have spread to your furniture, the windows, if it’s your bedroom then it will have spread to some if not all of your clothes and even your bed.

When this happens your cost of removal starts to skyrocket. If you don’t fix the problem in stage 2, believe it or not, it gets worse… and I hope your insurance covers this kind of damage.

Welcome to

Stage 3:

Your whole home is infected. At this point, your home should be classified as unlivable. Mould is throughout the entirety of your home and you probably feel sick all the time. If you are still living in this kind of environment you are probably incurring some serious health issues, some that may even stick with you for life.

Mould is very capable of causing serious injury to humans and has already been classified as the most harmful substance known to humans.

At this point in time, you will most likely have to move out of your home and have specialized cleaners come through and clean every inch of your home inside and out. This could take up to a few months to complete. You will have to spend a large amount of money putting you or you and your family into a rented home for a few months which will add a few more $1000s to your fix costs. The real cost will be when the cleaners give you the bill of $10,000 plus for cleaning your home (we have seen owners spend up to $150,000).

If you have insurance great, but if not, let’s do a quick recap of costs:

Stage 1: $50 – $100

Stage 2: $500 – $6000

Stage 3: $10,000 plus (That’s a holiday somewhere)

The Solution:

So how do you solve this problem? Easy with SAN-AIR, you can make sure that your home constantly maintains a clean environment. SAN-AIR works by preventing mould from growing in your home.

It’s 100% Australian made with natural products. It’s very safe to use around your family and pets and doesn’t have that horrible chemical smell that bleach does.
Find out more about SAN-AIR at

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