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Recently, a tenant used the the SAN-AIR Health Inspection report to support their claim at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).    Of 3 expert reports submitted the SAN-AIR report was the only expert report accepted by (NCAT) as the other 2 experts had disclaimer clauses that contained wording like:

  • ” …this report provides first-round advice that does not meet evidentiary standards required by Expert Witness Codes of Conduct.  It is therefore not suitable for litigation purposes.”
  • “…this report and all its contents is prepared for scoping works … may not necessarily be suitable for presentation in litigation and other Court or Tribunal actions..”

The Tribunal only accepted the SAN-AIR report as the other two reports by their own written admissions were not acceptable.

Before proceeding with any home inspections for mould make sure to see a sample report from the provider and review all the Disclaimer and Conditions clauses to ensure the report is acceptable in litigation.

SAN-AIR stands by its Home Health Inspection reports.

SAN-AIR will help landlords and tenants improve the quality of their indoor spaces.

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