Cleaning up before going on holidays?

Most of us give the house a good clean before going on a few weeks holidays.  You just don’t want to come back from a  great holiday to a messy, dirty house and feel instantly deflated.  At least that’s how our family feels.  

The other thing to note is that any dirt left for a prologued period is going to become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.  Dirty clothes,  unsanitised bathrooms, dirty floors, fridges left with food, pet litter trays, full garbage bins etc. will all start the deterioration process that will at best become an unwelcome smell when you come back home or maybe an even bigger problem than you thought.

Our SAN-AIR  range is designed to give you the best natural plant-based products to stop mould and bacteria from taking hold.

Clean your surfaces with SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover to immediately remove dust and dirt which in the right conditions will enable mould and bacteria to grow. After cleaning leave a fine mist behind on the surface to ensure an ongoing impact.

Once all the cleaning is completed open 2-3 jars of SAN-AIR Mould Gone and place in different rooms so that any remaining airborne contamination is addressed.


For a cost-effective solution get the combination pack. Just click on the product photo for what’s right for you.










Clean your home with natural plant-based products that have been independently proven to work. There are no toxic chemicals in SAN-AIR products.

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