When you are prone to asthma, take steps to breathe the cleanest air you can

On a previous blog, I talked about the link between Asthma and mould. This is important information for you.  It is personal to my family and is the reason I created SAN-AIR. I have written about my story several times and it is also on the website.

When my sons were very young we found that they were suffering from asthma, which was surprising as neither I or my wife had any family history of this.  After many tests, we found the boys had severe to dangerous reactions to mould and pollens, certain food additives and some food colours. But above all came the shock that they had mould allergies!   How come? Our house was new and clean. I started the journey to find a solution.

The most important thing I discovered was that

The air you breathe is just as important as the blood that runs through your veins

When you think about your home environment, chances are that the place where you spend your most time breathing the air of that room is your bedroom. Most people spend at least 5 – 9 hours sleeping in their room. This is where the use of SAN-AIR can make a big difference.

Yes, you may ventilate the room by opening windows but that is not enough. Airborne allergens will come into your room from the open window, even if you have a window screen as the airborne particles are microscopic.  When it comes to fresh air for asthma sufferers, this is the very thing that is laden with airborne material that causes the asthma reaction.

SAN-AIR was created to help you remove causes of airborne allergens without exposing you to any toxic chemicals

We have created products for various home situations.

Get started with the SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover which will address immediate problems on your interior surfaces and the SAN-AIR Mould Gone jar should be placed next to your bed straight away.

If you have air-conditioning we have various solutions to suit your equipment.

  • Split systems click here
  • Ducted air conditioning click here
  • Other types, give us a call on +61433347094 or email and we will suggest the easiest solution for you.

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