Remove mould from your boat without toxic chemicals

A day on the water is beautiful but not everyone loves to clean the boat afterwards and guests often skip off quickly at the end of the day. Keeping your vessel clean entails quite a number of things including waxing the hull, cleaning windshields, flushing the livewell, rinsing the deck and cleaning the interior and upholstery.  With this last, you want to ensure the longevity and newness of your interiors as much as possible.

How to maintain the interiors and keep free from mould?

Firstly, DO NOT USE BLEACH – this is not good for the environment, you or your interiors.  Bleach will degrade your interior fabrics and it will not stop mould.  It only burns the top of the mould.

Start a simple cleaning regime with SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover to clean your surfaces.  Finish off with a fine mist spray on the surface and leave to dry to give you a longer lasting effect.

For the cabin, while in between boat usage, open a jar of SAN-AIR Caravan, Boat, Storage Mould Remover and leave inside the cabin doors closed.  This product was designed to cater for mould build up from either fresh water or salt water boat usage.


SAN-AIR products use plant based actives.  There are no toxic chemicals in our products so there will be no harm to you, your property or the environment.

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