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Cleaning your home is a regular weekly exercise for most of us. Effective, safe to use and no residual negative impacts is important for the person cleaning, the home and everyone living in the home.

How we clean and the products used to clean have changed substantially over the last couple of generations. In the future, not so far, we progress to robots doing the manual labour for us. In fact, many people now already have robot vacuum cleaners.

How many people think about cleaning the air that they breathe?

We talk about clean environments, but how often do we become conscious of the air quality?  When we smell something bad, when we see traffic fumes, maybe when we see someone coughing. Essentially, its when our senses detect a problem.

When it comes to mould, by the time you see or smell mould you have a sizeable problem! If you have physical symptoms like coughing,  sneezing, rashes and other symptoms then you have an even bigger problem.

There have long been many espoused solutions. In this blog, I can tell you about those that are very poor solutions

  • Ozone and UV light – dangerous to humans at the levels needed to be effective
  • Toxic chemicals – Bleach, Ammonia, etc. Please use these with gloves and face masks. Breathing these in or contact with skin can have serious  impacts on humans, especially those with low tolerance levels
  • Caustic products like vinegar and Baking soda will erode – If you are using vinegar in your dishwasher as is often cited on various social media you may well find you   machine internals and rubbers start to deteriorate faster
  • Filtration methods like filters, carbon filters, photovoltaic filters, HEPA filters etc, do the job of filtering.  This means that some things get through.  What gets through is determined by the size of the filter.  Mould is so small that they will always be able to get through. Having run a pharmaceutical manufacturing entity I can tell you that it does get through.

SAN-AIR products give you a natural solution to solve your indoor mould and bacterial issues.

With SAN-AIR  you get easy to use, natural plant-based solutions to mould and bacteria. Clean your surfaces and your air-effectively and effortlessly with proven, independently tested products.

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