Home from holidays and mould seems to be building up

Just imagine it.

You just got home from an amazing holiday.

Your relaxed, refreshed and when you walk back in through your door…

WHAM you get hit in the face with musty, horrible odours.

This is an all to common story. When you leave your home for an extended period of time without protection, you are giving any potential mould problems a great chance to thrive and grow. 

Now there is no need to panic as this can be fixed it just takes a bit of work. 

Step 1 – Identify where the musty smells are coming from. 

  • Air-conditioning – A great first place to start when you are looking for the problem is the air-conditioning system. This is the main area of the home that gets infested with mould and bacteria
  • The Washing Machine – When left for extended periods of time without treatment the washing machine can turn into a hive for mould and bacteria. 
  • The Dishwasher – Exactly the same as the Washing machine. 
  • Carpet – If you have carpet in your home watch out. Mould and bacteria LOVE to live in carpet and it can be tricky to remove completely. 

Now you have hopefully identified where the musty, mould smell is coming from and it’s for some removal. 

Step 2 – Removal of mould 

You will want to get your hands on one of our Home Mould Removal Packs. It comes with:

  1. Surface Mould Remover Spray – Specialised product to remove mould and bacteria from any Surface. 100% Natural product, Australian made and proven to work through multiple independent tests including UNSW University. 
  2. 75gm Mould Gone Jar – Stops the spread of mould and mould spores through the air. Prohibits the regrowth of mould and is scientifically proven to remove 55% of airborne mould and bacteria every half hour. 

With these two products in hand, you are ready to tackle your mould problem. 

Some extra equipment you will want are:

  • Face mask
  • Eye protection 
  • Painting suit 

You can get all of these things from your local hardware or Bunnings and it will only cost you about $20. 

These are to protect you from any mould from falling on you in case of an accident happening during cleaning. It is important to remember that a high concentration of mould touching your skin or being breathed in is extremely harmful to you. 

If you can see visible mould then you will want to use the surface spray remover to clean the mould. First, spray and wait for 10 – 15 minutes and then wipe away with a clean cloth. Repeat till the mould is all gone. 

If the mould is in your air-conditioning system place the jar where the return air vent is. Don’t forget to remove the seal from the jar first. 

If the mould is somewhere out of reach like on a roof or behind cupboards. Use the jar and place a small portable fan behind it and point the fan in the direction of the mould. 

Congratulations you have now fixed your mould problem. 

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