SAN-AIR mould removers work according to our customers

SAN-AIR is a proven, natural and safe product.

You and your family can benefit from an improved air quality within your home with  SAN-AIR’s natural and safe air and surface purification products.

How is it proven?

  • Independently university tested for efficacy
  • Independently tested as a commercial-grade disinfectant
  • Numerous case studies, a few are summarised on our website here
  • Customers tell us time and time again. See recent product comments
    • SAN-AIR Mould Gone 
      • Robert P. “These are the only products I know that effectively remove the mould smell from my apartment. Well done San-Air”
      • Harry H. “Very efficient with natural ingredients Non Toxic and effective method to clear air and prevent mould.”
      • Helen O. “Stops Sneezing, got musky smell under control.  My children had sinus and sneezing when these had run out in dispenser ordered more and within a day happy and no sneezing!”
    • SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover and Combo pack
      • Helen G. “I have bought the surface mould remover in the past. So after this summer of heat and humidity, we were on the hunt for mould and musty smells. I’m working my way around the house and eliminating mould and smells. Love your products!”
      • Roslyn G. “Mould removal that works and doesn’t make me I’ll.  Awesome products that are suitable for use around the sensitive souls in my house.”
      • Pamela C. “I have ordered the Surface Mould Remover from San Air a few times now and every time, it makes cleaning up the mould easier and faster. With this great smelling product, wiping down surfaces is easier and the results are great as well – the whole place is mould free and stays that way for a long time.”
    • SAN-AIR Test Kits
      • Heather M. “Wonderful Product. This test kit is very user-friendly, so simply to take samples, easy to follow instructions. Couldn’t believe how quickly I saw results on the swabs, it confirmed everything I needed to know and has made it a lot easier to address the issues in my rental property and now I know what has been the cause of all my health issues.”
      • Catherine B. ” So easy. Was so easy to use, really great instructions and a great price for the satisfaction of knowing my house was safe. I was a bit worried I’d mess it up but I don’t think you could.”
      • Sarah H. “The San Air products are fantastic and I highly recommend them.  The Mould testing kits were perfect after a recent flooding incident in our home. They are quick and easy to use, with fantastic results, you can’t mess it up.
        I have also purchased the SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover, it’s a great product and makes cleaning easy.  SAN-AIR Mould Gone is also fantastic, I love the smell. After cleaning our house with these products I am breathing easier and no longer had a headache, sneezing, or coughing. Alex and his team were extremely helpful in advising of the appropriate course of action and products need for our particular issues.

        Highly recommend SAN-AIR and we will be continuing to purchase.”

How is it natural?

  • Made from a unique blend of natural Australian essential oils. No toxic. chemicals

How is it safe?

  • It is blended to produce powerful microbial reduction properties at low dosage.
  • Food Safe certificate so you can use in any food preparation area
Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the issues you have.

Your health is important.

Get SAN-AIR for your clean indoor environment.

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