Pet Odour Eliminator, the natural and safe way.

Win your battle with indoor pet odour. When you keep your pets inside it is inevitable that certain smells start to occur in the rooms that they occupy. Pets do not get bathed everyday like humans, so an alternative is needed.  A natural, non toxic mould and bacteria remover like SAN-AIRtm Pet Odour Eliminator

Maybe you have a relative that keeps their pets inside and each time you visit you find the smell challenging (they probably can’t smell it anymore as they are desensitised).

SAN-AIR is specially formulated to win the battle against pet odours and musty smells.

Place a jar of SAN-AIRtm Pet Odour Eliminator in the same room as your pet litter tray or in the most odour affected room.

This product is safe for pets, it does not have any harmful or toxic chemicals.  

SAN-AIRtm Pet Odour Eliminator will remove odour caused by pets. It removes the mould and bacteria that they either bring in from outside or create themselves.

One jar will last 6-8 weeks depending upon the size of the room you place it in.

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