Protect your headgear from mould and bacteria

Mould and Bacteria will grow in any environment that is suitable.  A dark moist space is sufficient to germinate dormant spores that are invisible to the human eye.  

Helmets and hats are used for a myriad of reasons from protecting us from the sun, through to being safety devices for people in hazardous situations.

When thinking of headgear this broadly covers:

  • Hats, beanies, beret, fedora, sports caps, sun visors, ladies evening headwear, men’s formal head attire and many other types
  • Helmets for gamers, bike riders, motorcyclists, jockeys, American football, ice hockey, cricket, baseball, camogie, hurling and rock climbing
  • Helmets for dangerous work activities like in construction, mining, riot police, fighter pilots, emergency services and armed forces. 

How do mould and bacteria get into your headgear?

  1. Exposure – Mould and bacteria travel through air on dust particles and land on any random surface inside and outside of your home. When you are wearing hats, they will pick up whatever is in the environment that they are in, so the more concentrated mould space that you travel in, the higher the mould and bacteria count your headgear will collect.
  2. Head sweat – Mould needs moisture, warmth, and fuel to reproduce and grow. If your skin has too much moisture, it will create the perfect environment for mould growth.
  3. Storage – When buying new hats and helmets, depending upon where they were stored between manufacture and point of sale, they may have been stored in highly concentrated mould and bacteria environments.  If after purchase, they are stored in damp mouldy environments, it is only a matter of time before a mould infestation takes place.
  4. Manufacture – if the component parts, especially any fabrics, were exposed to spores then you have a product that is ready to germinate mould and bacteria as soon as it is put into the right moist environment.

In recent times the Fallout 1:1 Power Armor Nuka Cola Helmets were recalled due to mould infestation.

How do you keep your headgear free of mould and bacteria?

It is a simple task using the SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover.  Simply spray a fine mist inside and outside and let air dry. This will neutralise any active mould and bacteria and their spores.

From time to time, vacuum inside and out of your headgear to remove spores and dead mould.

Get your headgear sanitiser today.


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