How to stop shoe smells fast and naturally

Recently when my wife went into the bathroom and she immediately smelt a bad odour. A quick inspection of the room showed all in order until her eyes spied my casual running shoes. Yes they were the source!

She called to me immediately to bring the SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover spray. A couple of sprays inside and outside each shoe and that was it. Sanitisation underway immediately, without toxic chemicals and fast-acting.  

We left the shoes in the bathroom, which already had no more bad smells and the next morning shoes and bathroom had a pleasant SAN-AIR fragrance lingering.  Air purification was easily achieved.

Shoe smells are the result of a build-up of feet sweat, a natural human occurrence.  Mould and bacteria grow in the moist environment of the shoe and when they reach a critical mass you will start to smell bad odours.

SAN-AIR was specifically formulated to address mould and bacteria.  I’m passionate about developing products that use natural ingredients and are safe to use around family and pets.

Buy the SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover today, you will love it.

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