How to Test, Clean and Maintain your home free of mould


There are many reasons why our customers want to test for mould. From our customer conversations, the various reasons have included:

  • I want to know if it is dirt or mould
  • The so-called professional company I used could not advise me where the mould was worst
  • I want to prove to my partner that we have mould
  • I want to do my own testing and remediation before I spend a lot on professional services
  • I want to check my indoors to see if I need an air purifier

These are all very valid reasons and this is not the full list.  At the end of the day, whatever reasons you have to want to know more about the state of your indoor spaces is valid.

We at SAN-AIR have been servicing our customers by providing DIY tests kits or by providing consulting services like our Home Health Inspection service.

If you want to test for mould how many test kits do you need?

The answer depends on the type of problem you think you have.  To give you guidance determine which of the following is closest to your situation and use the test kit number recommended.

Situation  SAN-AIR recommend
1. There is a particular area that I want to testIf it is only one spot get the SAN-AIR Test kit two-pack.  Use one test kit then clean the area and a month later use the second test kit to see if the spot has remained clean.
2. I want to test both the air from my air-conditioner and a couple of rooms where I suspect the problem is.In this situation, a test kit for the air outlet from one of the air vents and 3 test kits for various room sampling..  Get the SAN-AIR 4-pack test kit.

Once you have identified the problem area you may want to buy an additional Test kit to sample the cleaned areas a month or two after you completed the clean.

3. I think I have a problem spreading through my home and I want to determine where it’s all stemming from.This would seem a larger problem.  Multiple areas of the interior should be tested.  We suggest that you order the SAN-AIR 10-pack test kit.

If your problem is serious and by this we mean either:

  • the visible signs of mould in your home are very significant or
  • your or family members are starting to experience health issues that you can’t determine the cause of

you should consider a SAN-AIR Home Health Inspection. Call us to discuss and book an inspection.

Once you have determined the source of your problem its time to clean.


AIR-CONDITIONERS —  To clean air-conditioners we have a separate blog post that gives you very specific information click on this link.

AIR in rooms that do not have air-conditioning – use our safe and easy SAN-AIR Mould Gone gel.

SURFACES —  Always get the SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover to immediately clean surface problems.


Maintain the healthiest indoor environments safely and without toxic chemicals for non air-conditioned indoor environments as well as air-conditioned.

For ducted systems or large our products are available your  local Trade technicians.

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