Risk mitigation for disease transmission via air conditioning

SAN-AIR is an airborne microbial control technology that has been helping customers for over 10 years to risk mitigate exposure to harmful microbes that cause issues to staff and customers, by cleaning the air of airborne bacteria and mould in their premises.


Risk Mitigation is important due to the frequency of large-scale infection

COVID-19 has really brought the world’s attention to the need for clean practices for indoor environments to reduce risk of infection.  However, COVID-19 is not a particularly special event as pandemics and epidemics have been occurring throughout history.

A pandemic involves the spread of a diseases that extends over a large geographic area. While an  epidemic remains limited to one city, region, or country, a pandemic spreads beyond national borders and possibly worldwide. These happen when infection due to a bacterium or virus becomes capable of spreading widely and rapidly.

Without risk mitigation, today, on the recommendation of the WHO, more than one-third of the world’s population is on lockdown with many countries closing their borders impacting global travel and industry.

Reducing airborne microbial contamination is instrumental for improving indoor health

SAN-AIR has been formulated deliberately with natural plant-based actives to provide long-lasting microbial control in air.  Our fundamental premise is to make products that are 100% safe for people to breathe and touch. Toxic chemicals are not used.  With SAN-AIR, any premise can have 24×7 protection and be able to proceed as normal. Evacuation is not needed when SAN-AIR is introduced to indoor environments.

Indoor environments are typically air-conditioned, resulting in the spread of airborne contaminants to all indoor spaces

SAN-AIR is formulated deliberately as an evaporative gel, so that it evaporates slowly into the air stream, spreading to all corners of the indoor air environment.  As it encounters airborne and surface germs it stops their ability to breathe/reproduce.

SAN-AIR has been independently proven to reduce airborne contamination by 55% in 30 minutes, achieving better than 99% reduction in 24-48 hours.

Reducing the microbial contamination of equipment is easily achieved with SAN-AIR

Filters of air-conditioning equipment – Filters trap airborne contaminants and by doing so create a perfect environment for bacteria and mould to grow.  SAN-AIR will stop this growth in its tracks.

Masks – these are just another form of filter and will accumulate human germs on the mask as well as airborne germs from the environment that the person is travelling through.  Daily cleaning and disinfection is necessary.

Safety gear – helmets, protective clothing, boots and shoes, gloves etc will be contaminated by the microbial contaminants of the environment they travel in as well as the personal germs that are naturally occurring in human breath and sweat.

SAN-AIR products will address all these contamination scenarios easily, effectively and naturally without any harm to the user.

Risk Mitigation with SAN-AIR is affordable for everyone

Retail customers – SAN-AIR products are easy to use and accessible through the online store.  Our customer Service desk will happily support questions.

Government and commercial buildings – SAN-AIR products are used in large air handling systems, cool rooms, warehouses, food manufacturing, accommodation, washrooms and many other applications.

Indoor maintenance service companies – A long-term provider to the air-conditioning trade customer as well as cleaning companies. SAN-AIR products enable a higher level of service to the end customer while providing a safe, non-toxic product for cleaning staff to use.  Recently used by some of our Distributors, to specifically provide decontamination services with natural long-lasting products, safe for our Distributor’s staff and safe for the client.

Risk Mitigation with SAN-AIR is safe for the environment

SAN-AIR is a sustainably sourced product and biodegradable. SAN-AIR your 100% natural sanitising solution.

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