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Best Air Purification & Mould Removal Products in Australia

SAN-AIR’s goal is to provide the highest quality and the most effective products for the removal of MOULD, BACTERIA, VIRUSES and other microorganisms in indoor air spaces while only using natural sustainable ingredients.

SAN-AIR has successfully created a family of products that are incredibly effective at killing bacteria and mould in air spaces and on surfaces. 

Research and development are ongoing at SAN-AIR, with the recent success of a TGA listing in August 2020 for the SAN-AIR V3R Commercial/Household Grade Disinfectant

SAN-AIR is an Australian company and we use natural, sustainable, high-quality Australian ingredients to produce our products. Manufacturing of SAN-AIR products happens in Australia. This is how we ensure that we deliver a quality product every time. 


Daniel Massaioli

B.Sc in Pure and Applied Chemistry (UNSW), Member of AIRAH      

Daniel has in-depth expertise from over 35 years in developing products and formulations for pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, food ingredients and cosmetics.

Over his career, he has developed over 70 products that are currently in the market. After years of working with air-conditioning maintenance teams to develop better ways to improve indoor air quality in his medical manufacturing plants, it was obvious that there was a gap for a product that worked for long periods of time, that was effective and safe for people to use wherever they are.

Daniel recognised the need for a natural approach to formulation of products. Discovering a severe bacterial and mould problem within air-conditioning and later across many different fields, he spent 12 years developing a natural product, thoroughly proven by independent testing, that kills and prevents bacteria and mould infestation.

Driven by a personal commitment to help his boys, who were suffering from asthma due to mould exposure, Daniel invented the SAN-AIR concept back in 2000. Field trials soon followed and by 2005, the initial range was launched to the market. Since then, the products have undergone further formula optimisation and more external validations. The result of years of Daniel’s resolve to create natural solutions has led to a suite of powerful anti-microbial properties that are 100% safe and environmentally friendly. 

Throughout his career, Daniel’s longstanding efforts in dealing with air purity and mould has seen him develop expertise in the field of mould prevention, control, and remediation. He has written many professional articles on mould prevention and has invented a range of products with unique natural actives which are now being sold internationally to combat and prevent bacteria and mould in indoor environments.

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