As a mould cleaner, why is bleach not as good as SAN-AIR?

May 22, 2016


  • Is hypochlorite, a caustic man made chemical.
  • Has intense fumes.
  • Is a strong oxidizing agent making most metals rust. If sprayed on aluminium you will get white spots as the aluminium is degraded. It rusts iron quickly. 
  • Is usually sold as at strength of 3% or 30,000 parts per million, it is so strong that it burns the top of mould quickly, however, usually not able to penetrate the surface that the mould is growing from.


  • is a strong natural mould control agent.
  • Is at such low concentration such that it does not upset the nose and does not ruin surfaces.
  • is a slower, natural working cleaner.

Use SAN-AIRtm Surface Mould Remover for tiles and glass.  You can supplement with a jar of SAN-AIRtm home office in your bathroom.

Some customers have offered their method to clean mould in a shower is to have a light clean with bleach, rinse it off, then leave a light spray SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover. They say that it stops mould coming back for a long time, so they have made a point to use SAN-AIR every one to two weeks to stop any new growth of mould.

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