Winter is here, sniffles, allergies, flue and other unpleasant nasties

Going into winter make sure your indoor environment is a clean and healthy place to be.  Air conditioners through dirt build up, can be great locations for mould and bacteria to thrive and if not checked will spread themselves into your airspace.

So together with your normal cleaning routine also take time to clean your air conditioner.   Change the filters, vacuum the coils and give the equipment a good wipe down with a clean damp cloth to remove as much settled dust as possible.  

As a final maintenance step place SAN-AIR in your split system or return air vent to ensure enduring reduction of mould and bacteria in your environment.

Last November we posted an article showing the test case of use of SAN-AIR in a home environment with before and after results. SAN-AIR works! Use it as part of your ongoing indoor air quality maintenance regime.

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