How to treat your mould problems

October 01, 2015


What you need to look out for:
If you detect any of the following you should start the treatment immediately
  • Detection of  a musty smell when entering a premise
  • Visual observation of mould on walls / furniture / furnishings
  • Visual observation of mould on clothing/shoes
  • Car air conditioner has gone musty
  • Car smells like sweaty sports clothes or cigarette smoke
  • Our Indoor Air Quality test kit yield a coloured result, the higher the contamination the more intense the colour.
If anyone experiences any of the above, then it is time to treat with SAN-AIRtm 
Which product to use:
We provide a range of air sanitization products all suited to different environments based on room volume.
Each product comes with easy to follow instruction on how to optimise the effectiveness of the product. In general, the product works best in the return air vent of your air-conditioning system. However, placing the product next to or near the effected area will still provide excellent results. SAN-AIRtm is built for indoor environments, so when first using the product make sure that the effected area is enclosed with the SAN-AIRtm product.
For Home and Office:
We recommend the use of
For Vehicles:
We recommend the use of
SAN-AIRtm is made from natural ingredients, under strict quality systems.
The resulting product is a carefully controlled blend of natural ingredients delivering a highly effective product for mould and bacterial control whilst safe for use around humans and animals.
The SAN-AIRtm product evaporates slowly and over a short period of time.  It eliminates mould and bacteria when it comes into contact with airborne dust particles and pollen which carries the bacteria and mould which affect your immune system. This contact impacts mould  down to the root system which usually is embeded in the substrate of the carrier.

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