Uses of SAN-AIR

October 15, 2015

Where to use SAN-AIRtm

SAN-AIRtm is designed to work in indoor air spaces. It is possible to use it out in the open, just expect to not get the best possible results. But what is an indoor air space? it can be any space that is able to  be closed up with little to no amount of air getting out. Some examples of indoor air spaces are:

  • Your home/ bedroom/ any room in your house
  • Your Car/ Truck / Bus / 
  • Cabin space of your Boat
  • Caravan
  • Office
  • Building
  • Ducting 
  • and more

SAN-AIRtm removes mould and musty odours, by attacking it at the source. It eliminates the spores that are created by the mould so that you will not have a repeat incident immediately after cleaning. 


This is where SAN-AIRtm really shines. If you have a air-conditioning system for your home, office, boat, caravan, vehicle (even a portable fan is great), then all you need to do depending on the size of the space you want to clean and sanitize, is purchase on of the; 

All of these can be placed inside or near the return air vent of your air-conditioning system.

What does SAN-AIRtm fix

  • Eliminates mould in air and surfaces(walls, clothes, shoes)
  • It will help prevent mould from causing damage to your personal belongings
  • In your car it will get rid of, musty smells, if you smoke or just bought a car that smells of smoke it will get rid of that smoke smell.
  • It stops mildew from causing problems on your boats or equipment
  • It significantly reduces the  amount of bacteria in the air. So you can live healthier.
  • It will get rid of the pet odour you have in your home, e.g from wet dogs or cat litter trays.

SAN-AIRtm is made with a unique blend of 100% Australian essential oils. This means that it is safe for you, your family and your pets. There are no nasty chemicals that you need to worry about. 


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