Problems of Boats, Caravans and Storage

October 21, 2015

Problems of Boats, Caravans and Storage

There are 3 major problems for people that enjoy boating, Caravanning and using storage spaces and they are:

  • Mould 
  • Stale air / Musty air 
  • Damage to property from mould

Boats and caravans often travel between warm and cold climates and through various different terrains.This is prime breeding ground for mould and mildew. The moisture in the air condensates as it heats up and cools down and in turn ends up falling on your equipment and feeding any mould and mildew that is present. Mould then begins to grow and spread over your equipment and starts damaging it as well. 

There are many home strategies for battling this problem but they are either masking the smell of the problem or covering it up. Non of them are really fixing the problem. This is where SAN-AIR is different. 

How can SAN-AIR help?

SAN-AIR is designed to eliminate mould and the spores that it creates. With particularly bad mould outbreaks, placing SAN-AIR in the environment will cause it to dry up and then you can easily brush it away or vacuum it up.

SAN-AIR is made with 100% natural Australian essential oils. This means it is safe for you, your family and your pets. It is non corrosive so it will not cause damage to your equipment 

Often your caravan, or boat is not active for long periods of time, and when you go back to it you find that that the cabin smells or the air is musty / stale. If you place some SAN-AIR in with the boat, caravan or storage unit (use different product size depending on how long you intend to keep it in storage), you will find that you come back to a fresh  boat/caravan or storage unit. 

Build up of mould and bacteria is what causes the smells in the first place. SAN-AIR targets and eliminates the source so that you can have long lasting fresh, clean air.  With the constant use of SAN-AIR you can prevent mould, musty/stale air and damage to your equipment all year round.


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