How to Clean Mildew

October 16, 2015

Mildew is one of those tricky things, it pops up everywhere and seems to be a nightmare to clean without damaging your property. 

Well not any more

SAN-AIR does not use any dangerous chemicals so when cleaning, it will not damage the very thing you are trying to save. SAN-AIR is a gel that evaporates into the air and works best in enclosed environments. It also comes in liquid form for spot cleaning.

 Before: SAN-AIR USE Before After: SAN-AIR use



  • If you have Mildew on a canvas awnings or anything that is a flexible material. Hang the piece in either your laundry, garage or spare room. Next place a jar of SAN-AIR next to or in front of the piece. If possible get a portable fan, or if you have a ceiling fan / air-conditioning, turn it on medium setting and have it pointing at the piece you are trying to clean. Leave it like that for a couple of days and then check on the item. The mildew will be dead and you should be easily able to clean the Item. (Important that it is in a closed environment, make sure windows are shut).


  • Another solution for a flexible type material is to place it inside a plastic bag, place a SAN-AIR jar inside with it and then shut the bag. Leave it like that for a couple of days and then inspect. 


  • If you have a mildew problem in a room or cabin, you can place a jar of SAN-AIR inside the room, with a portable for or source of air flow. Make sure the area is closed and then leave for a couple of days to a week, depending on the seriousness of the mould outbreak.


  • If you are unable to detach the object you want to clean and it is not in a closed environment, SAN-AIR will still work. It will just require you to move the SAN-AIR  product around your item every day or two, to ensure that you get full coverage.

Once you have completed the process of eliminating the mildew, inspect the item or spot that you cleaned. The mildew should either be gone or dried up. If it is dried up using a brush or a vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to finish the clean. 

For most cases I would recommend using 75gm and the 50gm products.

If you have any questions about the SAN-AIR products you can contact me at

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