Fix Musty Smells

October 21, 2015

The Musty Smell 

Ever walked into a room and have been able to physically notice that the air is thicker, has an off smell or seems stale. Ever turned on your car air conditioning and had a bad odour come through the vents. Have you stepped into a car and noticed a thick smoke smell. Then you have just witnessed a room or vehicle with musty air.

Having musty air is the result of improper cleaning and removal of mould. Often you will hear that homemade concoctions of vinegar and water work, to get rid of your mould issue, but it often just gets rid of the surface mould and leaves the roots behind which then leads to the mould returning and then you just get into a bad cycle.

This type of problem can often be the result of a mould outbreak. Mould is able to grow in many locations, be it your wall, air-conditioning, cupboards, roof, car, clothing. All it really requires is moisture and oxygen and its ready to expand. Most of the time mould can be a tricky problem to fix due to the fact that it is able to spread so quick by releasing spores, that then infect other areas. 

So how do we fix this problem:

You use SAN-AIR. 

SAN-AIR have developed a mould killing agent through the use of 100% Australian essential oils. The founder and creator of this product has been a chemist by trade for over 30 years. SAN-AIR comes in two forms the Gel and the Liquid.

For musty smelling rooms the gel is what you want, as it will evaporate, spread throughout the room and give you large coverage, getting into all the hard to reach places. SAN-AIR is then able to kill the mould and stop the musty smell at the source of the problem. If you have an air-conditioner in the room placing in near will help the product work most efficiently. 

This same method can work for your car. With the SAN-AIR car product you can clip it to one of your air vents and have it clean your air-conditioning and the air in your car. SAN-AIR with get rid of the the musty bad odour's and any smoking smells that you have in your car.


How does SAN-AIR work:

SAN-AIR works by starving the mould of oxygen and stopping it in its reproduction cycle. This means that the mould is dead and it is not able to spread and infect other parts of your environment.

SAN-AIR is made of natural components and 100% Organic certified. It will not cause damage to your property and it even has a food grade safety rating. It is completely safe to breath and inhale. No need to worry about dangerous chemicals and toxins.

Play it safe

Use the professional choice for mould removal 

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