Trust SAN-AIR the Experts in Mould Removal

October 22, 2015

Trust SAN-AIR the Experts in Mould Removal

A little bit about us 

SAN-AIR has been operating for 8 years in the mould treatment and prevention industry. We have had many successes in homes, food restaurants, hospitals and universities, pet stores and vehicles. We  excel at the removal of mould in your indoor air environment.

The most important thing to know about SAN-AIR is that it is not a fragrance.

SAN-AIR eliminates mould and bacteria

SAN-AIR was first started to help solve problems such as:

  • Office sickness - one person making everybody else sick.
  • Mould spores spreading mould.
  • Asthma sufferers always coughing from bacteria and airborne mould  
  • Mould outbreaks in your personal space

With these problems in mind SAN-AIR was developed. It has been proven to work many times and these are some of the testimonials that we have received:

"We have a damp house. I use san-air in my cupboards to keep the mould and smells away. It really works and I have just purchased more to use throughout the house.
 Thanks so much.
 Heather from Cambewarra (May 2013)"
"I put my mouldy tennis shoes in a box with SAN-AIR, and left it for 3 days as instructed. When I looked again, I couldn't believe it! The mould had dried up and I just shook it off the shoes which now look clean. Before I did this I could not touch the mould it would smear the shoes." R.M."


"Our shop got a musty smell and it seemed to come from the air conditioner. We placed SAN-AIR in the return air and now our customers tell us how good it is we cleaned our shop." M.MC."


“I had someone throw up in the passenger seat of my car and in the air-conditioning vent. It remained there over night. After cleaning, the smell was still very potent and overwhelming. I used SAN-AIR as instructed and the smell disappeared within 10 days. I was really impressed and pleased with this product."

"...also thanks again because it is a bloody great product "

VM, Dural NSW " 

 "I recently discovered San-Air at a trade show and have to say in all my 20+ years of pleasure boating, I’ve finally found a product that works to combat the battle against a stale cabin and mould.

For those that are unaware of the issues we can face on boats. With the cold nights and the warm days its a constant breeding ground for moisture and mould to develop on curtains, linen, lounges and exposed surfaces.
With the San-Air product we no longer have an ongoing mould problem within the cabin, and get aboard each time with confidence of no mould and no mould related sneezing or sinus issues anymore.
I highly recommend any “Boatie" with stale air, moisture and mould problems to try San-Air and experience it for themselves!"


How we treat the mould problem

SAN-AIR works by restricting the oxygen intake of the mould. SAN-AIR comes in two forms

As a Gel

The SAN-AIR gel evaporates into the air and spreads throughout your indoor air space. As it comes in contact with mould spores either in the air or on surfaces it eliminates them. When it comes in contact with mould growing on your walls, clothing or furniture it eliminates the mould. 

The diagram on the right  shows what will happen to your indoor air space when you use SAN-AIR:The effects of using SAN-AIR


Blue - The levels of bacteria are pretty normal

yellow/orange - Levels of bacteria are a bit above average

RED- You are likely to get sick. (understandable why children get sick more often than adults)


SAN-AIR gel is able to disperse throughout your entire indoor air space (works especially well if you have a air-conditioning system moving air around.). This means that you are able to get all areas of your indoor air space to normal, safe levels of bacterial counts. SAN-AIR works best in conjunction with an air-conditioning system, this could be a floor fan, ceiling fan or ducting system. We do also provide a dispenser product if you do not have any sort of air flow device.


As a Liquid

In liquid form SAN-AIR works with a spray bottle. You are easily able to spray the product in hard to reach places and it will also work on your outside furniture and property as you are using a more direct approach. The difference with the spay is you wont get the wide reaching effects, it is more useful for spot cleaning. 

Example of using the SAN-AIR Liquid spray

Why use SAN-AIR over other mould removal products

The best reason is that it achieves amazing results without using any dangerous or toxic chemicals

  • Does not cause damage to your property
  • SAN-AIR eliminates mould and bacteria
  • SAN-AIR is made with 100% natural Australian ingredients
  • This means that it is Safe for you, your family and your pets. 
  • No need for hazmat suits just when you want to clean your own home. 
  • SAN-AIR even has food grade safety approval.

So Trust in SAN-AIR to solve your mould and bacteria problems.

View our Gel Product  or View our Liquid Spray product

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