Getting rid of the pet odour in your home

October 29, 2015

Getting rid of the pet odour in your home

The is no question, we love having our pets inside, watching TV with us, sleeping in our rooms, and just interacting with them. There is only one problem, the pet odour.

Often after our pets have been inside for some time, or even with pets that live inside, there is a distinctive smell from the rooms that they visit. This happens as pets that have been outside and come in, often have more bacteria and mould spores on them, as well as their natural odour and sweat. When they leave and go back out some of the mould and bacteria that they were carrying gets left behind. This then causes the rooms to smell and give off the distinctive pet odour.

So how do we fix this?

SAN-AIR  is a specialist mould and bacteria remover. You can use the spray or the gel in the rooms that your animals visit and it will eliminate the mould and bacteria that your pets have brought into your house. SAN-AIR  is made with 100% natural Australian materials. SAN-AIR has food safety approval so it is safe to use around food. This means that the product is safe for your pet and your family. We do not use any harmful or toxic chemicals.

Where to place the product?

If you have a outdoor pet that comes inside you should place the product:

  • In the rooms the pet is allowed to enter

If you have a indoor pet:


Which product to use?

For every day use and the widest effect I recommend using the 75gm Pet Odour eliminator jar.

Pet Odour Eliminator

To use the product most efficiently. Close all the windows in the rooms where you have placed the jar. If possible place a portable fan and turn it on. Check the room every day and you should see results in 1-3 days.



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