How does Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) effect your health

October 30, 2015

How does Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) effect your health

What is the standard amount of bacteria in a household? In the picture below you will see a comparison. On the left is the average amount of bacteria in a normal household showing highest bacteria volume at ground level and decreasing with height. On the right is the average amount of bacteria in a household after using SAN-AIR. 

It's important to note that no product ever will be able to remove 100% of the mould and bacteria in an indoor environment. Simply because as you leave and return or open windows and doors you are constantly letting and bringing more mould into your home. 

SAN-AIR makes sure that the mould never gets out of control or to levels that are harmful to the human body. 

But what does the left hand side mean for you.

Mould, mould spores and bacteria are constantly present in our homes. They live:

  • In the carpets
  • The floor boards
  • Our beds 
  • Our food 
  • Our clothes 
  • The walls 
  • The car, boat caravan
  • The sheets

And while it is not possible to remove 100% of the bacteria from your indoor air space. It is possible to remove the majority of it. This is what SAN-AIRtm does.

Now if you have ever wondered why it seems that children get sick far more often then adults, the left diagram can show you why. It is not just that they have a less developed immune system than adults, but they are also frequently breathing in air, that is more polluted with bacteria than adults. 

What can be the problems if you have high levels of bacteria in your living space?

There are a number of effects you might see if there is too much bacteria or mould in your living environment. These include.

  • Constant coughing while at home
  • Frequently getting sick
  • Bad smells
  • Constant head aches
  • Musty air 

Nobody wants any of these while living in their home.

What can cause high levels of bacteria?

Most of the time you are in environments that have high levels of bacteria. Mould that has grown on walls or floor boards can be a big contributor. Others things that cause high levels of bacteria in your indoor air space are:

  • Sick people entering - this is one of the major causes
  • Animals and pets 
  • Not cleaning often enough and letting the bacteria build up
  • Stale or off food 

So what can you do to clean your indoor air space?:

Introducing SAN-AIR

This is exactly one of the problems that SAN-AIRtm was designed to battle against. It is made with 100% natural ingredients so it is completely safe to use. No need to worry about harmful or toxic chemicals. SAN-AIRtm eliminates the bacteria in your indoor air space, and brings it down to very safe levels. SAN-AIRtm maintains your indoor air quality.

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