Cleaning Mould and Bacteria from your home

November 02, 2015

Cleaning Mould and Bacteria from your home

We know that the product works and we have the evidence to back it up. A case study of a residential home was done where the people living in this house were frequently experiencing respiratory infections and other asthmatic type reactions.  They instinctively attributed these health issues to living in their 40 square/meter home in Sydney.

We performed tests to see what the microbial count was in the air. We did this air quality testing in three locations around the house:

  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Hallway

The table below shows the initial bacteria count and what happened when we placed SAN-AIR in their air conditioning within 24 hours and 72 hours

Blue - Initial bacteria/mould count

Red - After 24 hours

Yellow - After 72 hours

After 72 Hours the family reported increase in wellness and remarkable decrease in days they took off work.

SAN-AIR  is able to bring down mould counts extremely quickly. The circulating air in an air conditioned environment can be adequately treated for general bio-burden contamination by using SAN-AIR. Results clearly show a decrease range of 80%-90% in the level of microbial contaminants in this house fitted with ducted air conditioning.

To achieve this result the Home/Office product was used inside the ducting of the home air conditioning. You can achieve the same results in your own home. If you do not have ducted air conditioning, using a portable fan or any device that gets the air flow moving, will help you achieve similar results.

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SAN-AIR is made with 100% natural Australian products. This means that it is safe for you, your family and your pets. 
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