Reduce germs in your office

November 03, 2015

Reduce germs in your office

SAN-AIR is developed for use in any indoor space, whether car, bus, home or work.

SAN-AIR is a propriety mix of carefully selected essential oils blended to give a product that has powerful microbial reduction properties. Regular use will prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal growth  within you air conditioning system and minimize infection due to the release of 'spores' from these surfaces. Within 24 hours, your home or working environment will show a remarkable reduction in airborne contaminants resulting in:

  • Reduction in the development of "sick air" environments
  • Reducing significantly the amount of airborne bugs in your current system.
  • Sanitization of your air conditioning ductwork, cooling coils and filters.

SAN-AIR comes in convenient, user friendly packs designed to give 24 hours continuous release of product for up to 6 weeks. 

SAN-AIR has been tested numerous times following a process where the background germ level was measured in a normal indoor air space. Then  a volunteer suffering a cold was introduced into the room for one hour. Another air test was taken showing increased levels of germs in the air. SAN-AIR was then introduced and an air test was repeated after 24 hours. The result was better than either prior to SAN-AIR introduction and definitely better than with the sick person in the room. This test was repeated 30 times with results summarized in the table below. 



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