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November 03, 2015

How did I get mould?
How do I get rid of it once it latches on?
What can I do to reduce my chances of having a repeat incident?

These are all questions that anybody that has had a mould problem has asked themselves. I'm going to go through each one and give an answer 

How did I get mould?

There are quite a few ways mould can start. But for any mould to grow there are three things that must be present and they are:

  • Moisture 
  • Oxygen
  • Mould spores

Once these are in any given area it certain that you will get mould to grow. So how do mould spores get in my home. They can creep their way in via:

  • Pets that have been outside
  • You if you have been outside via your clothing or footwear
  • Food that has gone off
  • Leaks from water pipes onto your walls in your home
  • Bad ventilation in bathrooms

So what happen? Once the mould spores are in your home and you have a excess of moisture somewhere, they will begin to grow. This is why mould can be commonly found in air conditioning units, and in your ducting. Mould spores are easily able to travel through the air on a small air current. If they manage to make it to your air conditioning(where there is a fair amount of moisture), they will begin to grow and that is when you will start to have a musty/bad smell coming from your air conditioning. 

So how do you prevent mould spores from entering your home? Well unless you have a flash clean system in your house that you are required to go through every time you enter, so you are sanitized, you just cant stop it. Mould and mould spores are everywhere. 

Some would say "Does that mean I can never win against mould" and I would say No. You can definitely win against mould, you just have to fight it in the right battle ground. And that is inside you House, Car or Office, any indoor environment where you can control it.


So how do I get rid of it once it latches on?

There  are some signs that you need to look out for. If you notice any of these then it means you have a mould problem somewhere. They are:

  • Detection of a musty smell when entering a premise
  • Visual observation of mould on walls / furniture / furnishings
  • Visual observation of mould on clothing / shoes
  • Car air conditioner has gone musty
  • Car smells like sweaty sports clothes
  • Car smells like cigarette smoke
  • You have used our Indoor Air Quality Test Kit and it has displayed a coloured result, the higher the contamination the more intense the colour.
  • You have used a Surface test kit and it has displayed a coloured result.
  • You are constantly coughing or sneezing
  • Having trouble breathing at home or inside you indoor air space

If you are noticing any of these things it is time to start a mould treatment.

What can I use to do that?

The safest any most reliable way is to use the SAN-AIR products, the Home/Office Air Sanitizer or the Surface Spray Mould Remover. The product is made using 100% Organic and Natural Australian ingredients, it is safe to breath, as it has no harmful or toxic chemicals. This means that it is safe for you, your family and your pets. They are very easy to use, with simple to follow instructions. This method is very reliable and you can view reviews about it here.

SAN-AIR works by killing the mould and bacteria that cause the problems. It will not be able to fix leaking pipes but it will eliminate the mould spores that have the potential to grow into mould.

This is the product that I recommend.

You will start to see results in 1 - 3 days. For heavy mould problems you are likely to see results in 3 - 7 days. 


What can I do to reduce my chances of having a repeat incident?

Use SAN-AIR in your home. Place it in your air conditioning or just around your house. Using the 75gm Home/Office Air Sanitizer is the best way to ensure this.

Next, you will want to fix any leaking pipes that are causing unnecessary amounts of moisture in your home. 

Vacuum and clean your home on a weekly basis to ensure that there is no large build up of anything that could cause you to have a repeat accident. 


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