Asthma and Mould

November 12, 2015

Do you suffer from Asthma?  Well you're not alone, even I do.

In Australia alone, 1 in 10 people suffer from asthma with varying degrees of severity. Asthma attacks can be very frightening and uncomfortable and you want to do anything possible to reduce the chances of having one. Triggers can be:

  • Air pollution
  • Allergens
  • Chemicals
  • Emotion
  • Dust mites
  • Sickness
  • Mould
  • Pollen
  • Pets
  • Smoking

These are but a few, there are a lot more and it can be tiring trying to keep track of them all.

What we specialize in at SAN-AIR, is the removal of mould and bacteria from your indoor air space. Once the product removes the mould and you have cleaned, the product continues working to prevent the mould from re-appearing. The product can be used in your home, office, car or any indoor air space. If you are having trouble at night sleeping because you can't breath properly, it's a great Idea to place the product underneath your bed or next to it on the bed side table. This will eliminate any mould and bacteria in the air and provide you an easy sleep. 

This is a email we received from one of our customers:

"I am using the substance (SAN-AIR) you gave me in the air conditioning inlet vent and had it turned on the whole day last Monday per your advice. I now use the heater  in the morning and once in the evening for about 2 hours  each day. I must say I have not had an asthma attack since I started using it."P.S.

Problems Mould and Bacteria can cause with Asthma

If you find that:

  • You are constantly having trouble sleeping 
  • Constantly coughing in your office
  • Can't stand the smell of your vehicle
  • Having frequent asthma attacks at home, the office or in your car
  • Your children are having asthma attacks at home

This most likely means you have some build up of mould and bacteria. It could be other triggers and it is defiantly worth investigating. If it is mould and bactera related, then it is time to start with a mould and bacteria treatment as soon as possible. 

Our DIY Mould and Bacteria test kits will help you to identify where the mould and bacteria is. 

Our Home/Office product and our Surface mould Remover will are what we recommend to start treatment of mould and bacteria.

What does that mean for you.

If you do suffer from Asthma, our product will help eliminate two of the potential triggers (mould and bacteria), from your home or office, so that you can feel safer and breath easier and stress less. 

SAN-AIR is 100% natural and is completely safe to breath. There is no need to worry about harmful or toxic chemicals. You can use the product as you go about your day to day business without interruption. SAN-AIR is safe for you, your family and your pets. 

Asthma is not fun to have and it will often hit you at very inconvenient times. Sometimes it will even stop you from doing things you would like to do. With the use of SAN-AIR we hope to provide a way to ease some of the stress of dealing with asthma. 

SAN-AIR doesn't cure asthma it only helps manage some of the potential triggers of asthma attacks.

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