Split System Saver

November 23, 2015

Split System Saver

How do you properly clean your split system air conditioner? How do I get into all the small places? How do I get rid of that bad odour? It's easy, you install the SAN-AIR split system pack. The 15gm split system pack is a gel based solution. This means that it evaporated into the air and as the split system works it travels through and removes any of the mould and bacteria inside of it. 

This makes cleaning very easy. Once you have let the split system with the SAN-AIR work for about a week. You will be able to use a vacuum cleaner, brush or cloth to easily remove the mould that was on and in you split system. 

Some mould is harder to remove then others. For this we recommend using the Coil cleaner product in conjunction with the 15gm gel pack. The Coil cleaner is more hands on and will require you to apply and wipe away. The coil cleaner is a stronger concentrate which means that you should see visible results sooner. With the 15gm product we expect you will see results within the week. You should stop smelling any bad odours before that. 

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