Australia Day is fast approaching

January 14, 2016

Australia Day is fast approaching

Australia day is here and there is nothing better than getting out in the sun with some mates, have a BBQ and enjoying the day. 

Especially if you have a boat and you want to take it on the water. The last thing you want to do is have to worry about cleaning and maintenance. Don't stress about possible mould and mildew problems, because we have the solution. 

With the SAN-AIR Boats Sanitizers feel assured that you are protected against the threat of mould and mildew in your boats. SAN-AIR is the best mould and bacteria removal product on the market. It is Australian made and produced, using completely 100% natural and organic Australian ingredients. 

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The product does not use any harmful or toxic chemicals. You can enjoy your time on your boat while being protected against nasty mould and bacteria. SAN-AIR is safe for you, your friends, your family and your pets. 

Storing your boat

When you finally finish having a amazing day on your boat and have to place it into storage. Place a SAN-AIR jar within the cenclosed cabin of your boat. This will ensure that when you come back to your boat, it is nice and fresh and is not covered in mould or mildew. If you hate that stale air smell when you come back to your boat, SAN-AIR will ensure that you don't come back to find that.  

Grab some SAN-AIR today so you can enjoy the most out of your Australia day. 

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