Stop the intrusion of Mosquitos

February 04, 2016

Stop the intrusion of Mosquitos

Mosquitos have to be one of the most annoying animals on the planet. Not only do they invade your personal space and ruthlessly extract your blood without given consent, they also tend to leave behind an infection. 

Mosquito's also tend to carry viruses around with them. There is no real way to stop that from happening, but what you can stop is the mosquito's from coming inside your home to begin with. 

Introducing the SAN-AIR MozzyNo. 


This product works to repel mosquito's from your indoor air space. Via a fast release gel and easy to use instructions, the SAN-AIR MozzyNo will keep the mosquito's away from you and the inside of your home. 

The SAN-AIR difference:

SAN-AIR like citronella oil is a natural product that is environmentally friendly. However, there are many perks to SAN-AIR that citronella oil cannot claim.

  1. SAN-AIR does not smell bad, in fact we often get people telling us that it has a slight pleasant smell.
  2. No need to burn the product. MozzyNo is released naturally into the air, so that you wont be covered in smoke.
  3. SAN-AIR has been especially made for use in your home. It will keep the mosquitoes out of your personal space.
  4. One 75gm Jar of MozzyNo will last your 4-6 weeks. This is amazing value for money.
  5. MozzyNo can even be placed in your air-conditioning system, to ensure that you get coverage around your whole home. 

Try MozzyNo today, don't let mosquitoes ruin your living space.

Use the discount code


to receive 10% off the MozzyNo Product. Only the first 20 people will get this discount so get in quick. 




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