Airbnb rental - give your property the edge for you and your guests

October 16, 2018

Airbnb rental - give your property the edge for you and your guests

A clean house is often under-appreciated until you have to stay somewhere that is well below your expectations.

If you are letting your premises for short-term rental you want the guests to be 'raving fans'. It is often the small subtle things that can mean the difference between getting a top score or not. 

A clean fresh ambience is not only about what the client sees, but it's also about all the senses.  Clients with physical sensitivities may be quicker to notice premises where the 'feel' better.

A recent client realised they felt better in a friend's property than in their own home.  They found that in a new environment they were not coughing and did not have sinus congestion.  When testing their own home they found that a build-up of mould was impacting their health. This is not the experience you want for your rental guests.

SAN-AIR expertise and product technology are available to all landlords to ensure your valuable premises have the healthiest indoor air quality and surfaces free of mould.   



For air-conditioned premises use SAN-AIR Mould and Bacteria Eliminator

For non-airconditioned premises place a jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone in key rooms.

For your surfaces use SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover.

With these products, SAN-AIR customers say their premises 'feel clean'.  This is because the assault on their physical bodies is greatly reduced through the significantly lower airborne mould and bacteria in the indoor environment.

Get SAN-AIR today.


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