Beware False Claims - only SAN-AIR is proven

October 28, 2016

Beware False Claims  - only SAN-AIR is proven

We often have people ask questions of us to help them compare San-Air  to other companies's products. There are many reasons SAN-AIR leads the market with proven results:

  • SAN-AIR has 12 years of validation work preceeded by  years of formula development
  • SAN-AIR has Independent university validation
  • We have significant knowledge in the chemistry of organic ingredients used in products that enables us to develop safe products that actually work. Whereas our competitors mostly peddle tea tree oil based products which are known to be ineffective in air or filters which also are limited in effectiveness
  • Our deep knowledge of the air sanitisation industry is recognised by the Indoor Air Quality profession
  • We provide consulting services to small and large organisations in mould remediation and Indoor Air Quality.

Our website content has been imitated many times, its flattering. 

    However, comparison with tea tree oil products is incorrect.

    • We have exceptional case studies and independent evaluation for both surface AND air tests
    • Those who promote tea tree oil products only do surface type tests, claiming the same happens in air.  Tea tree oil products always fail air tests.
    • Tea Tree Oil products do not work in air as proven by WHO.

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