Ceiling vents needs regular cleaning as they can be an incubator of mould and bacteria

October 29, 2018

Ceiling vents needs regular cleaning as they can be an incubator of mould and bacteria

If you have air-conditioning then you have internal air vents.  As air travels around your internal space it will deposit airborne dust and particles on surfaces, including the air vent. Sometimes it is obvious that the vents are dirty and other times they seem clean.

If you or your family have noticed strange smells when the air conditioner is on or maybe you have noticed a decrease in the healthy state of your family, like a recurring cough, nasal congestion, headaches or something more than this?

Now is the time to TEST for mould and bacteria

Use the SAN-AIR Test Kit to take a sample of key places around your interior.  For example:

  • the air vents, walls, ceilings, air samples, furniture in high inhabited rooms, etc.

CLEAN the problem areas

The test results will indicate where you should clean at a minimum.

Vents themselves should be cleaned on a regular basis, once or twice a year depending on the number of inhabitants and the level of sickness experienced in the interim period.  SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover is the quick, easy and SAFE way to clean.  There are no toxic chemicals in SAN-AIR products. Our actives are natural plant-based ingredients.

Preventative MAINTENANCE is so easy.

With regular maintenance of the air-conditioning ducting, mould and bacteria will not have the chance to build up and grow any colonies that could impact the people in the building.  You will probably also find that the cleaning effort itself is greatly reduced.

In air-conditioned environments, SAN-AIR has a range of air-conditioning products for use depending upon the size of the premises and the volume of air flow.  For residential home use, the SAN-AIR Air Conditioning jar will give 6-8 weeks of sanitisation, get 6 jars for a years supply of healthy air and reduced cleaning effort.


SAN-AIR specialises in providing cost-effective products that can be used by anyone to keep their indoor environments healthy for humans and pets.

Take action and buy the SAN-AIR combination pack which provides you with what you need for a Test, Clean and Maintain regime. 

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