There is another reason why children are more susceptible to toxic mould

October 14, 2018

There is another reason why children are more susceptible to toxic mould

Why is it that children as so susceptible to illness?   Many reasons like they have not yet built up their bodies resistance to bugs, they crawl around on the floor, they get dirty easily and many more that I'm sure you can name.

Another reason is that airborne mould is more concentrated the closer you get to the ground! That's right, the concentration from 0-30cm can be 5 to10 times greater than at above 1.5 metres.  Crawling babies will be exposed to higher concentration levels of airborne mould in any indoor environment.

When young children are relaxing and playing you will see them indoors on the floor, carpet, bouncinet, sitting on small chairs or other types of children's' furniture. If there are germs or mould in the indoor space they will be more ex[pposed than adults.

When toxic chemical cleaners are used to clean an indoor space, by the same process, small children will also be exposed to their residual effects.

From the time our own children were small, we became conscious of the impact of mould on their health as they had asthma (something which was unusual in our family) so we had them tested and found they had allergies to mould

This was the impetus for us to start researching natural ways to stop mould impacting the children's health. Health and safety were primary goals.  After several years we had created SAN-AIR, a natural, effective, independently university tested product to stop mould in indoor spaces.

We have a cost-effective cleaning regime with our combination pack that has been proven through many customers to achieve significant mould reductio in indoor spaces in 24 to 72 hours.

Get the SAN-AIR combination pack today to improve the health of your home.

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