Cleaning mould off window frames and glass

July 24, 2018

Cleaning mould off window frames and glass

Mould can live on just about any surface:
  • Metal
  • Paint
  • Carpet
  • Leather
  • Skin
  • Wood 
And even...


It is extremely common when we do a home inspection that we see mould growing on windows in people houses. This is one of the last places that people look if they even think about cleaning their glass at all. 

But how can mould grow on glass its smooth and not a food source right?

Well no, everything is a food source to mould. It may take much longer for mould to eat through glass then it does timber and walls but eventually, it will. 

Mould is natures garbage collector, it consumes everything breaks it down and then sends it back into the natural cycle. 

Mould is a microscopic organism the other reason it is able to grow on glass, is because of its size. To you or I, glass is a very smooth surface and we can not get a solid grip on it if all we can touch is the surface. But to mould glass is like a mountain range. It can easily settle down in between all the microscopic bumps that glass has. 

It is difficult to see!

It is so easy to miss mould growing on your glass, quite often you have to look very carefully to be able to see the mould growing. 

Especially if you have a window that is facing a pool or if your home is in a valley.

Take a good look at your windows to see if mould and bacteria are growing on them. 


How do you fix them?

That,s easy. Once you have identified the affected windows in your home. All you need is a bottle of SAN-AIR Surface mould remover. Use one spray on the affected areas follow the instructions and in 15 minutes you will have mould free windows. 

Surface Mould Remover

If you want to make sure that your windows and home, stays mould free you can use one of the SAN-AIR Mould gone jars on your windowsill to ensure that new mould does not begin to grow again. 

Mould Gone

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