Did you know your pets bring mould into your home?

August 23, 2018

Did you know your pets bring mould into your home?

We often go for a walk around the garden and our pet cats  and our old dog will follow us on our walk.   They just love to roll around in the grass or dirt over and over again.  After we finish our walk around the yard  we'll end up inside doing other things.  When we go inside often the pets come in too.

The pets by rolling around in the garden have accumulated dirt particles in their fur.  These dirt particles have mould spores.  When the pets come inside, they walk the mould inside as well.

We love our pets and are happy to have them indoors but we control the mould they bring in with SAN-AIR products.  A safe, natural, non-toxic way to  stop mould taking hold in your home and indoor space.

Keep a SAN-AIR Mould Gone jar open in the key areas where your pets go within your home.  Alternatively,  if you have air-conditioning,  ensure it  always has a jar of SAN-AIR Air-conditioning Mould Remover.


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