Sporting season - how easy it is to be exposed to mould

September 12, 2018

Sporting season - how easy it is to be exposed to mould

Spring is here and a number of outdoor sports have or are about to ramp up their competitions. We have been involved in sport clubs for many years. I was the secretary of a soccer club over a large number of years as well as the registrar for a junior baseball club.  Often we would arrive early in the morning to set up for games.

Cool early mornings with the grass still wet with dew.

The sun getting stronger as the morning goes on. When this happens the moisture on the grass evaporates into the air.  This is when toxic mould and mould spores become airborne.

When outdoors it is natural to be exposed to mould. Airborne mould will land on your clothes, or you will gather dirt and mould under your shoes.  Both ways you will likely carry mould with you into the next indoor environment.

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