July 31, 2018

Luck and good health favour the prepared.

Mould inspections can be a very useful first step in ensuring you have a clean and healthy living space.

Why you should do it?

  • To make sure seasonal changes in moisture and heat do not affect your family's health unexpectedly
  • You are moving to new premises;
  • You plan to sell your home. (You 
  • You smell mustiness or unpleasantness
  • You or your family have a recurring respiratory illness.

When should you do it?

  • Prior to moving to new premises
  • When the season changes
  • When musty smells appear in your home unexpectedly;
  • After illness
  • You see mould suddenly appear on clothing or areas of your home.

With our service, you get more than a report telling you what you already know. You get peace of mind knowing exactly how to fix your problem. 

SAN-AIR Home health inspection starts at around $500. This may seem expensive but you pay for what you get. Not only will we identify where the problem areas in your home are. We can show you how to save and restore your home and items. 

Our Inspection Process: 

  1. Home Walk Thorugh - We go with you through the home and identify problem areas and ask about your experiences in the home and where you physically feel worse. 
  2. 250x Microscopic detection - We go to the identified problem areas of your home and inspect them with a 250x magnification microscope. This will let us detect the mould anywhere in the home even if you can not see it with the naked eye. 
  3. Samples - We take samples to confirm and track where the worst areas are in your home. By doing the samples we can identify more potential problem areas that may have gone unnoticed. 
  4. We will then give you some product to stop the mould from harming your health. 

Within the next week, our Mould specialist will look over the inspection report and the samples and determine what the best course of action will be for your home and your health. We will then email the report to you. 


Call us today to book your inspection: (02) 8809 5350 

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