Buying an old property and the stale, musty smell is overpowering? SAN-AIR can help you.

October 30, 2018

Buying an old property and the stale, musty smell is overpowering? SAN-AIR can help you.

If you are buying an old property with plans for renovation, amongst the many steps for clean-up, there are a couple of considerations. 

  1. Before you start cleaning, consider treating the interior to neutralise any mould and bacteria.
  2. While you are clearing, cleaning or renovating wear a face mask to ensure you don't breathe bad air.

1. Pre-treatment is recommended for safety reasons

In a property that has been left without regular inhabitants, closed up for long periods of time and largely left unmaintained and deteriorating, this prolonged process has provided a potential environment for mould and bacteria to grow. Depending upon the level of moisture, colonies of mould will grow or stay dormant until conditions are right.

Mould and bacteria colonies will grow on any surface if the conditions are right. Mould and Bacteria travel on minute dust particles, so when cleaning you will disturb quite a bit of the dust causing more dust in the air, which you will likely breathe in.

With SAN-AIR you can naturally and effectively treat the interior for toxic mould and bacteria without using any toxic chemicals.

There are 2 methods

  1. In an air-conditioned premise use SAN-AIR 250gm Air Handler pack, our strong sanitiser, to spread throughout the interior for a few days before you start cleaning.
  2. If not air-conditioned use a SAN-AIR Mould Gone jar in each room, preferably for a week before you start cleaning.
Make sure doors and windows are closed while SAN-AIR is in action.

    With this method, you will have made a big hit on the infestation before you expose yourself to the environment.

    If your problem is bigger than a DIY approach, contact us using the form below to get specialised help. 


    2. Use a face mask

    Especially in rooms that have been closed up for a long time.  Even if you open the window, you will be standing in the most concentrated space and unable to avoid breathing in airborne mould and bacteria.

    People have quite varying levels of tolerance to mould and bacteria. If you are sensitive or have been recently ill, take extra precautions.


    SAN-AIR keeps your environment safe from mould infestation

    SAN-AIR is an effective, natural, plant-based product that is safe for all people.  Our actives are at a very low dosage which is more than safe for humans and pets.  Independently university tested, we know our product works.

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