How can you turn your whole home into an air purifier?

November 02, 2018

How can you turn your whole home into an air purifier?

With SAN-AIR you can do this! Efficiently, inexpensively, naturally.  Without any toxic chemicals.

With SAN-AIR you have the ability to have clean healthy air all the time.

How can SAN-AIR do this for you?

EASY - clean air is our business.  Our founder, a scientist with a Pure and Applied Chemistry degree, developed these natural plant-based products when trying to find a way to resolve health issues for his young sons. Being a scientist he had his new products independently university tested proving the products have a significant reduction in airborne contaminants in 24-48 hours.

SAN-AIR products can be used in 2 ways to turn your home into an air purifier.  

    • Air-conditioned homes - using our purpose designed products, your air conditioning will spread the product throughout your home as the air is circulating.  SAN-AIR will get to all those hard to get to places that you find very difficult manually.  It will simply neutralise all mould and bacteria it comes into contact with.
      • To decide which of our products to use for your home select from the below list that best matches your situation. Please contact us for help if you are uncertain, we are always happy to discuss your needs.
      • Ducted air-conditioning  - use the SAN-AIR Air-conditioning jar placed in the return air vent.
      • Split systems - use the SAN-AIR split system packs
      • Other types - simply place an open jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone near the key airflow into the premise and it will evaporate into the airflow and continue to do its job.
      • Make sure that while the air conditioner is on, that windows and external doors are closed.
    • Homes without air-conditioning - we have an easy solution.  Place jars of SAN-AIR Mould Gone in key rooms. The SAN-AIR will evaporate into the room and do its job.  It's as simple as that.

    Both ways will work.  AIr flow is important for a quicker effect, however, our evaporative gel will eventually get to all parts of your indoor environment.

    For larger commercial premises we have a wide range of products appropriate for the situation. Contact us for quick easy support.

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