How to get rid of cigarette smells

September 06, 2018

How to get rid of cigarette smells

Do you have that classic cigarette smell in your car, home or office?

Do you know why cigarettes have a very distinct smell? 

Well, the answer is mould and bacteria. You might think "what do mould and bacteria have to do with cigarette smell?". 

Car smoking

Cigarettes are made up of very harmful material and like everything, some of these materials hold mould and bacteria. They hold certain types of mould and bacteria and when you smoke a cigar the ash that falls, holds these mould and bacteria. 

Slowly over time as you accumulate more ash and more mould, your car, home or office starts to get this very specific smoke smell. This is happening because of the mould and bacteria that is now growing. 

So all I have to do is get rid of the mould and bacteria? 

Yes exactly, by using SAN-AIR 75gm Mould Gone. You can remove the mould and bacteria that is causing the classic smoke smell. Then you can have a fresh and clean smelling car, home or office all year round. 

SAN-AIR Mould Gone


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