Inquiry into Biotoxin-related Illnesses in Australia

August 25, 2018

Inquiry into Biotoxin-related Illnesses in Australia

The Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport will inquire into and report by 21 October 2018. It will cover:

  1. The prevalence and geographic distribution of biotoxin-related illnesses in Australia, particularly related to water-damaged buildings;
  2. The prevalence of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) or biotoxin ­related illness in Australian patients and the treatment available to them;
  3. The current medical process of identifying biotoxin-related illness in patients and the medical evaluation of symptom complexes attributed to biotoxins and CIRS;
  4. Any intersection with other chronic diseases;
  5. Investment in contemporary Australian research to discover and provide evidence of CIRS as a chronic, multisystem disease;
  6. Research into biotoxin-related illness caused from water damaged buildings; and
  7. Any related matters.

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