Is cleaning like this for you?

November 09, 2018

Is cleaning like this for you?

How many toxic chemicals do you have in your cupboards for cleaning? 

How many cleaners do you have for 

  • Bathroom counters, tops, vanities
  • Toilet cleaners
  • Tile cleaners
  • Disinfectants for surfaces or drains
  • Dishwasher cleaners
  • Floor cleaners
  • Window cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Carpet cleaners 
  • Many other specific problem cleaners

Do you use gloves and face masks when cleaning due to the significant fumes and corrosiveness on the skin? It is important that you do so, as the toxic chemicals in these products have been shown to have negative impacts on human health. 

Toxic chemicals have been lead ingredients in the cleaning industry since the 1950s. They are effective, however, there is an impact to the environment and to you.

Are you looking for natural solutions? Do you want safe to use cleaning products?

SAN-AIR products have been created and deliberately designed to clean mould and bacteria from your interiors effectively and without toxic chemicals.  Our natural plant-based products are unrivalled by the industry.

Removing allergens from your air and surfaces to give your interiors a deep cleanse not a superficial wipe. With our independently, university tested technology we can give you the real ammunition against ongoing mould and bacteria issues.

I am the founder and creator of the SAN-AIR Technology.  I have a Pure and Applied Chemistry degree, experience in researching and developing mould solutions for many types of problems from mould and bacteria infestation and a very broad industry experience dealing with many regulatory bodies around the world.

The SAN-AIR team and I are ready to help you. Contact us on (02) 8809 5350 or email us using the contact form at the bottom of the page to talk about your individual issues and help you to determine the best course of action.

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