Stop mould from ruining your beautiful clothes

October 20, 2018

Stop mould from ruining your beautiful clothes

Do you need to stop mould in your wardrobe from spreading to the rest of your clothes? Need extra help to keep the clothes sanitised?

Maybe not you, but your teenage son, daughter or elderly relative need help. If the wardrobe is prone to mustiness or dampness then it could be an incubator of mould.

Products that absorb moisture are not a good solution as the mould is still in the wardrobe, at best just dormant awaiting higher moisture.

What you need is a way to neutralise the mould, stop it from growing and to stop new mould infestation taking a hold.

SAN-AIR  is the only natural, safe, fast, independently proven mould remover.


With bigger problems, ask for a SAN-AIR professional Home Health Inspection








Where you need support to address a larger mould problem, SAN-AIR can help through its Home Health Inspection professional services.


Contact us by phone on (02) 88095350 or use the email form below.




Put a jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone in your wardrobe to stop mould in its tracks AND with the additional benefit of a fresh lingering fragrance.

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