Keep your air clean, even when there is illness around

October 31, 2018

Keep your air clean, even when there is illness around

If you are around people that are ill there is a higher possibility that you will be in contact with their germs, which in turn may cause you illness as well.

It is very common for children to catch colds, flu and other bugs from their friends at school or preschool.  Adults also in a work environment are keenly aware of not being in contact with others who have come to work when maybe they should stay home and rest.  A family member is always talking about how they hate the confines of public transport and the high likelihood that they will catch germs from ill people coughing, spluttering and sniffing next to them on the commute to work.

Inevitably from time to time we are taken ill and need to be at home for a few days to recover.  When this occurs, our homes, by default, will get a higher concentration in airborne germs resulting from the ill person staying at home.  Their coughing, sniffing, sneezing is the source of the increased airborne germs.

How can we help them and the rest of the family from this higher concentration of airborne germs?

The easy answer is SAN-AIR.  SAN-AIR is fast acting and safe at a very low dosage to neutralise mould and bacteria in indoor environments.

Place a jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone in the sick person's room for fast-acting impact on the airborne contamination.  The less airborne contamination, the cleaner the air for the ill person as well as other people in the home to breathe.





If the home is air-conditioned, use of SAN-AIR Air Conditioning 100gm pack will work to address all indoor air spaces of your home.  The evaporating gel will naturally travel to all indoor places on the air flow. 




SAN-AIR products can give you a natural, cost-effective indoor treatment of airborne contamination that will greatly help to maximise the health of your indoor spaces.

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