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Mowing the lawn around your home may increase airborne mould in your home

September 29, 2018

Mowing the lawn around your home may increase airborne mould in your home

Do you love the smell of cut grass? Or do you find that soon after you have some mild symptoms like rashes, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, or other things?  Maybe not you but someone in your family?

You might want to consider that when you cut grass and it is churning through the blades and spat out either back onto the grass or into a grass collector, what is happening is that the mould on the grass is going through a significant disturbance and through this, mould spores as well as mould will become airborne. You may breathe the mould or it may touch your skin.

Depending upon your body's sensitivities you may find you have a physical reaction. This could be mild and shortlived or more serious.  If you are recovering from illness you may have heightened sensitivity and should consider wearing a face breathing mask when doing this job.

Some of our customers have found that mowing around their house caused heightened levels of mould inside their home. Through testing their home, they realised that closer attention to when windows were left open was required.  They used SAN-AIR products to test and clean their home followed by SAN-AIR products to prevent reoccurrence

Use the SAN-AIR combination pack for your home.


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